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Less than a year old, the Woodstock SSIP is finding its way. We began meeting weekly, outdoors while the weather was warm, and at the Woodstock Library through the winter months. As of now, we have a strong core of about a dozen attendees who are always there, and another half dozen who come often. We are building a database of service people whom we can trust and exploring other ways we can make a positive impact on our own lives and the lives in the Woodstock Community. We are exploring the possibility of bringing an Urgent Care to town, and also getting space dedicated to elders in a planned renovation of the “youth center” in town. We help members out with rides, offers of small local errands (picking up groceries, prescriptions, etc.) and hot soup. But social interaction is definitely the essence of the group. We talk frankly about the challenges of getting old, and laugh a lot as we share our (very interesting) past lives. We are looking forward to warmer weather, when we plan to meet outside the library, as a “bonus” second meeting each week. Stay tuned. As we grow we will certainly change

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Seniors Serving in Place, 2011-2022.

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